about blunt crayon:

The humble wax crayon is probably the first tool most of used in our creative careers. Many careers ended having progressed to nothing else, some flourished and progressed to the exultant pencil crayon or paint set. The unifying experience of the wax crayon is that it allowed an outpouring of raw, uncensored, vigorous creativity. An experience so visceral that it led some to expand their canvas to any surface in the house, blunted nubs of crayon laying discarded. 

That raw creativity is something we seek to harness on all briefs while tempering it with the wisdom, knowledge and learning of our experience. Our name is a reminder to love the practise of creating - anywhere.

We want people outside. We want people engaging with what’s around them. We want people to explore and unearth the stories that surround them in the landscape. We want the curious and the balmy. The philosophers and the humble idiots. The bee chasers and the pollen intolerant. We want you to be overwhelmed by interest, and reckless with exploring. We want you to feel the euphoria of sun on your face and a breeze at your back. We want to use design to get you excited about getting out there and getting stuck in. So go, enjoy.

Anna Clark
Founder / Creative

“We love them”

Joey Tribbiani
Apple Inc.

“Amazing work”

Rachel Green
Amazon Inc

“Award winning”

Chandler Bing
Selected Clients
European Outdoor Group
University of Sheffield
Protected Species
association of mountaineering instructors
Peak Boxes
boulder hut
Extinction Rebellion
Mountain Equipment
Womens Climbing Symposium
Lowe Alpine