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Blunt Crayon is an independent creative company working with you to excite people to engage in the outdoors.

creative solutions & strategies inspired by the outdoors

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Blunt Crayon specialises in the development and implementation of design and marketing solutions to help brands and individuals communicate with their audience. We use immersive research with top shelf design thinking in order to create creative solutions. Interested in working together?



[ what we do ]


Creative +

Branding   |   Campaign Design   |   Web Design   |   Digital Design & Content Creation  
Print Design & Creation   |   Packaging   |  Point of Sale & Retail Graphics   |   Illustration  

Marketing +

Marketing Strategy & Campaigns   |   Content Marketing Strategy   |   Market Research  

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[ what sets us apart ]


We have a deep knowledge of the outdoor and sports market. We are as passionate about activity and sports as we are about design and marketing.


The Network brings together specialists from all vocations to work on briefs where needed. Each one is passionate about the outdoors, and active in their chosen sport.


We have a wealth of experience in different facets that expands our understanding of successful communications - brand, consumer, retail, international, local, niche and wide audiences.

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We'd love to hear from you.

We are available from 9am to 9pm Monday to Friday UK time.