rab spring summer 2017


Working with film makers and photographers Coldhouse Collective we developed a product focused campaign to specifically highlight two new key pieces for Rab.


gender balance

The cutting edge of mountaineering/climbing clothing is traditionally male dominated. Both the audience and buyer's focus is on the male market as they are earlier adopters of technology. However, with such strong and adaptable designs from Rab we felt the campaign was equally suited to targeting women climbers. 

The campaign was designed to be gender balanced - giving as much attention to female climbers and mountaineers as male. 


product focused

The objective of the campaign was to launch two new products for Rab. The communications had to be usable across channels and function with both B2B customers as well as B2C. 

Returning to very direct product communication after narrative led campaigns helped result in the most successful product launch for Rab. 


The campaign was very well received both internally and externally. National retailers featured the imagery and videos, and made custom window displays in store to support the message. The products were widely stocked in both multiple retailers and independents, press coverage was exceptional and overall consumer awareness and uptake was very successful. 

Overall a re-focus on product specific marketing helped introduce the two new technologies to the Rab customer successfully. Although the content for the campaign was not focused on long-term engagement, it successfully communicated the products key features to the consumer in a successful manner and enabled the internal sales team to promote the product with confidence.