The concept for The Commitment Series came about by analysing the core audience of the Rab brand, and focusing on their interests.

The people who are part of the brand (the athletes) sharing their stories of commitment, was the perfect back drop to curating a content driven campaign that would function internationally and across all channels. The content could then be extended into digital and print magazines to further engage with the core audience. 


The main content for the campaign was a video series featuring the athletes' stories of commitment to their chosen sport. This was reinforced with image sets of each athlete, behind the scenes footage and blog entries. 

This content formed the image set for the season for all promotional activity. It also supplied much sought after video content to Rab's online brand partners and stockists. 


The consumer's response was entirely positive to the Commitment Series, with views of the videos reaching up to 22K+ and engagement online far surpassing any previous content. 

The series was also heavily featured on the outdoor film festival circuit, most significantly being featured in the Banff Mountain Film Festival. 


The campaign was very well received by end consumers and the 'core' audience of the brand. The varied stories and histories of the athletes made the content relatable to a wider audience and engaged them in brand narratives. Brand sentiment and online engagement were highly successful, both in the UK and internationally.  

Although part of a wider content strategy, gaining uptake by retailers was a challenge as content was directed at core audience engagement. However, despite the challenge, national and online retailers featured the content and promoted the campaigns both in-store and online. 

Overall, the campaign solidified sentiment with Rab's core audience, engaged people with brand narrative, and 'internationalised' the brand in an authentic, meaningful way.