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Blunt Crayon is an independent creative company working with you to excite people to engage in the outdoors.

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We want people outside. We want people engaging with what’s around them. We want people to explore and unearth the stories that surround them in the landscape. We want the curious and the balmy. The philosophers and the humble idiots. The bee chasers and the pollen intolerant. We want you to be overwhelmed by interest, and reckless with exploring. We want you to feel the euphoria of sun on your face and a breeze at your back. We want to use design to get you excited about getting out there and getting stuck in. So go, enjoy.

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[ who we are ]


Anna Clark 

Creative Strategist & Artistic Director

A designer, and photographer, Anna is the creative lead on projects. Pulling on her extensive experience in the outdoor industry, creativity is married with practicality to create outstanding outcomes. 

Sports: Climbing, Skiing, Running, Cycling

Interests: History, Art, The Outdoors

Favourite Book: The Old Ways by Robert Macfarlane


The Network

The Network brings together specialists from all vocations to work on briefs where needed. Each one is passionate about the outdoors, and active in their chosen sport.


[ who we've worked with ]

"When it comes to branding, marketing and design, there are lots of folks that talk a good game, but Anna actually makes it happen and makes a difference along the way. As a colleague and friend, she has enabled me, coached me and given me the confidence to think outside the box and achieve results. Her vast intelligence and cultured approach, combined with her expert skill set make her an asset to any marketing campaign I have ever worked with her on. Her dedicated and tailored approach to projects, make her my go to person to work with in the UK outdoor industry for branding and marketing advice and design work."

"The brief for Blunt Crayon was to develop a new brand identity and subsequent website design for our new sports marketing company. Not only did Blunt Crayon immerse themselves in our world to truly understand the brand positioning, but their collaboration approach worked perfectly to deliver an effortless project. I would recommend them not just because of their creative talent, but also because of their strategic thinking, beyond creative and their approach to delivery."

- Joanne Scott
Strategic Director, Founder
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We'd love to hear from you.

We are available from 9am to 9pm Monday to Friday UK time.